WKQX Announces Promotion of WTF

Walter Tiberius Flakus (WTF??) is the latest to join the sandbox full of misfit toys at WKQX-FM (Q87.7 87.7 MHz, Chicago) as Assistant Program Director/Music Director. He adds these duties to his current ones at sister WLUP (97.9 The Loop, 97.9 MHz, Chicago), where he has served as Music Director.

If his face looks familiar, it could be from his days as a founding member of the band Stabbing Westward (1993-2002), when they earned gold records for both “Wither Blister Burn + Peel” and “Darkest Days.” Post-Stabbing Westward, Flakus also spent time at Q Prime Management.

“If Alternative grew both sets of organs and birthed a human, it would be Walt. His experience in the format as an artist, in management, and in radio is a PD’s wet dream.

I’m thrilled he wants to join the rest of us at the beginning of the dial,” said WKQX Program Director, PJ.

Flakus chimed in, “I’ll be sure to keep a box of tissues on my desk. My passion has always been turning people on to new music and I’m thrilled to do it on my home turf!”

“’Alt’ is part of his f’ing name…how could we not hire him?!?” added Merlin Operations Manager, Jim Richards.

Flakus picks his corner of the sandbox on Monday (7/16).